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In the face of foreclosure in New Jersey, several professionals play essential roles in providing the necessary expertise and support to homeowners. A real estate attorney specializing in foreclosure ensures homeowners’ rights are protected, reviews documents, and offers legal advice. Foreclosure defense attorneys specialize in defending homeowners, challenging the legality of the process and seeking alternatives. Mortgage brokers assist in finding suitable financing options, while certified public accountants provide financial guidance.

Housing counselors offer support and connect homeowners with resources, and real estate agents facilitate pre-foreclosure sales or short sales. These professionals collectively offer the knowledge and assistance needed to navigate the foreclosure process effectively, protect homeowners’ rights, and explore alternatives to foreclosure in New Jersey.

Know Your Rights & Options

When facing foreclosure in New Jersey, key resources such as real estate attorneys, foreclosure defense attorneys, mortgage brokers, certified public accountants (CPAs), housing counselors, and real estate agents play vital roles. These professionals provide legal guidance, defend homeowners’ rights, offer financial advice, explore alternative solutions, and assist with property sales. They collectively offer invaluable support and expertise to help homeowners navigate the foreclosure process and find the best possible outcome.

Avoid Foreclosure

No one wants to go through the process of foreclosure, including your mortgage lender.

Stay Out of Foreclosure

Did you know there are 4 steps that have to occur before your property is sold? Discover your options.

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Foreclosure Options

If you’re facing foreclosure in New Jersey, there are several alternatives you should explore.

Facing Foreclosure?

Even if the foreclosure process is already in motion, you may still be able to save your home. Find out how!

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Legal Rights

In the state of New Jersey, both borrowers and lenders have legal rights during foreclosure.

Homeowner Rights

Wondering how to handle a foreclosure in NJ as a homeowner? Find out more about your legal rights.

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COVID-19 Changes

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed some aspects of how foreclosures are handled in New Jersey.

Affected by COVID-19?

If your income and/or ability to pay your mortgage was affected by COVID-19, you may be eligible for help.

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When facing foreclosure in New Jersey, several key resources are available to homeowners in need of assistance. A real estate attorney specializing in foreclosure provides legal guidance, protects homeowners’ rights, and negotiates with lenders on their behalf. A foreclosure defense attorney focuses on defending homeowners, challenging the legality of the foreclosure process, and exploring alternative solutions. Mortgage brokers help homeowners find suitable financing options, while certified public accountants offer financial advice, budgeting assistance, and guidance on tax implications.

Housing counselors provide valuable support, offering information on foreclosure alternatives and connecting homeowners with relevant resources. Real estate agents bring expertise in selling properties through pre-foreclosure sales or short sales, aiding homeowners in avoiding foreclosure. These professionals collectively serve as vital resources, helping homeowners navigate the complexities of foreclosure and providing essential support during challenging times.